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Open World Initiative 

Open World Initiative is a non-profit facility that helps a wide array of unrepresented issues kids in a institutionalized environment lack. The facility is designed as an alternative learning setting where exploring and adventure is created throughout the space to instill better lifelong skills. Standardized school environments lack the ability to house all contrasting issues of learning and that ensures behavioral effects on children. I designed to ease the issues that are associated with learning, to provide a new light of learning through interactive design. Design that Nurtures the idea of learning in a new way. ADVENTURE MODE ON. 

What a WELLness Center means when designing: 

While doing research for this project I made sure to incorporate key aspects that encourage wellness which include acoustical comfort, promoting mental health through program and design strategies to ensure the state of wellbeing is above adequate, promoting physical activity and active living, maximum thermal comfort, aimed to reduce hazardous building materials from users, accessible design, users are exposed to light and natural elements, healthy onsite cooking from garden, natural water provided and high level of air quality

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Important Touch Points  

  • Counselor's office 

  • Non technological ways to interact+play: 

    • Unconventional rock climbing wall to encourage exploration 

    • Innovative seating ideas ie. Net area, O- chairs, rocker lounge 

    • Interactive swings to enable curiosity 

    • Reflective walkthrough pond 

  • Auditorium style kitchen to encourage cooking life skills 

  • Innovative ADA standard open bathrooms to ensure a bully free center. 

Programs used

  • AutoCad 

  • Sketchup 

  • Enscape 

  • Photoshop 

Floor plan & RCP plan 

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Screen Shot 2020-11-24 at 2.44.36 PM.png