Experience Detroit is an online magazine company with a need for a renovated new office on 1528 Woodward Ave. in Downtown Detroit. There employees consist of young, vibrant and flexible staff with the median age being in late to mid 20's. The basis of the whole design was off of the young and vibrant culture, making sure to add organic shapes to represent the flexibility of this organization. After the client brief it was clear; a timeless design that was able to keep the three separated floors connected with the possibility of growth within the years was needed. I had to do research to find the best furniture options that not only accounted for growth but encompassed the design the company was truly looking for. I added innovative ideas throughout to make sure to speak for the age group ie. Verpan flying chairs, netted lounge area, unexpected furniture options. All these things relate to a younger yet classy company. 

Human Factors Considered

A lot of factors came into play when considering what and how to go about this office design. Human factors are a very important part of wellness. The following are some things I considered when planning this design: 

  • Ergonomics; designs the work to fit the worker
    • Ergonomic chairs by Vitra

  • Universal Design: Individualized assistance and usable products for all 

  • Sociopetal spaces: EXP|DET podcast room brings people together and stimulates conversations because of the MOLO bench that is organic in nature. 
    • organic spaces creates a circulation and type of flow throughout the space ​
  • Natural light: Daylight exposure improves productivity in the workplace. 
  • Signage throughout incase of emergencies.
  • ADA compliance: 
    • ADA compliant reception for wheelchair accessibility
    • ADA compliant bathrooms 
    • brail on all signage 
    • Table height for workstations and kitchen allows wheelchair accessibility 
    • Strobe lights on fire alarms for visually impaired
  • Wellness/ Mothers room:
    • 1. To Meet Legal Requirements for Moms
      • If you have nursing mothers in your office, it is required you give them a private space for nursing or pumping milk, according to Section 4207 of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. 

    • 2. To Create an Atmosphere Conducive to Productive Work

      • Without any quiet places to work, employees can become frustrated, upset, and ultimately, unproductive. 

    • 3. To Give Employees a Place to Rest and Recuperate​

ergonomi .png
universal desgin 1 .png
universal design 2.png

Important Touch Points 

​EXP|DET is located on the top three floors of 1528 Woodward Ave. building. (6th, 5th, and 4th floor) 

  • 6th floor is the main hub area consisting of: 

    • Reception

    • Podcast room 

    • Lounge areas 

    • Main kitchen 

    • 5 conference rooms 

    • 1 phone room 

    • Bathrooms 

  • 5th and 4th floor is work base oriented with many similarities that include: 

    • Work stations 

    • Lounge areas 

    • Locker areas (1 per floor)

    • 2 phone rooms (2 per floor) 

    • 2 wellness rooms (1 per floor) 

    • Modular areas to account for growing staff. Different layouts per floor. 

    • 2 private offices (2 per floor) 

    • Kitchenette (1 per floor) 

    • Bathrooms

  • Innovative furniture throughout for this young tech savvy company was a must-insuring furniture options that were as youthful and vibrant as the company itself. Some furniture selections consist of: 

    • Verpan flying chairs ​(1)

    • Verpan cloverleaf sofa (2)

    • Vitra Living tower (3)

    • Custom netted lounge area 

    • Bla station BOB modular furniture (4)

    • MiEN modular furniture

    • Custom organic workstations 

living tower .png
verpan cloverleaf sofa .png
verpan flying chair .png
bob 1 .png
bob 1 .png





Programs Used 

  • ​Revit 

  • Sketchup  

  • ​​Enscape 

  • Photoshop post-production 


RCP PP.jpg